“First of all, I would like to say thanks to Earl and the Hagman family for their generous hospitality and overall experience. We took three nice boars on the first day. The very first one charged Andrew when he shot him from three yards. It was awesome. The next morning it only got better. We took three more before dinner time, went to town, had some burgers, came back and took four more. You couldn’t beat the smile off my face with a shovel so thanks again, Earl. We will see you again soon! Can’t wait to see my head mount and skull mount.”

Adam, Mac, Andrew – 2014

“The experience of a lifetime! Those boars are tougher and meaner than any I would have guessed. Thanks for the hospitality!”

Paul, Cesare, Sebastian – 1998

“I love it here! The pigs taste great and the people are so nice. Their dog Licorice is great too! I am coming back!”

Andrew – 2001

“It’s a blast! Had a great time…great food. Thanks Deb, Earl, Boys. This is a hoot. LOL. Loads of fun. We’ll  be back! See you later.”

Jim – 2002

“Thanks for a great time. The food was great and the hunt was excellent..look for us in Newfoundland Outdoors. Thanks for having something the small time hunter can afford. Wild Boars Rock!”

Donal – 2002

“Thanks for helping me out with my weight loss program. I did a lot of running, walking, jumping and climbing. Thanks …until next time.”

Terry – 2002

“Second time here and it is still as incredible as the first. First time produced largest boar ever recorded by S.C.I. in Canada and #7 all time with a rifle. Got it all on film too. You rock Earl! Thanks!”

The Hunting Cornicles TV Show – 2008

“Thanks for everything. Best hunting experience ever! See ya next year!”

Dustin – 2009

“What a great place and plenty of boar! Thanks so much for a super hunt, Earl…the first of many to come.”

Jacques, Al – 2010

“Amazing! Thanks Greg! Best hunt ever ending with lots of bacon!”

Aaron – 2011

“Great father & son time. We will be back!”

John, Dayton – 2016

“Had a great weekend! Larry got us two nice hogs!! My son’s first kill and I am a very proud dad.”

Jason, Luke – 2022

“First hog hunt and it was an absolute blast! Christian was awesome and made it an unforgettable experience. We will be back!”

Derek, Raymond, Shayla – 2022